An Easter Prayer

Draw us forth, God of all creation. Draw us forward and away from limited certainty into the immense world of Your love. Give us the capacity to, even for a moment, taste the richness of the feast You give us. Give us the peace to live with uncertainty, with questions, with doubts. Help us to… Continue reading An Easter Prayer

He is Risen

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The Tomb is Empty

A Valentine for You

Heart-shaped island with sandy beach, offshore coral reef, Indian Ocean, Maldives Photo courtesy of Microsoft Bing Images. Happy Valentine's Day

Fonts Matter

Happy Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day 1981 Marriage Wisdom February 14, 2022--Today is our forty-first wedding anniversary. Time flies. What is our secret to a long marriage? We "play long" just like the stock market.

Hooray! The Heat Wave has Passed

Ah-h, that's the sound of relief For Seattleites, the change in the weather calls for a "stop the presses!" "Ring the AP Wire Service bells!" "This calls for a banner headline!" The pressure system has changed, and temperatures dropped nearly 30 degrees overnight in the greater Seattle area.  The highs today were back to Pacific… Continue reading Hooray! The Heat Wave has Passed