Part 1: The First Ragland in America

The Ragland Family Tree My maiden name is Ragland. I'm a descendant of soldiers who fought in this war, primarily from Virginia through the several family tree branches..  In the days ahead, I'll share with you stories I've uncovered about my family and perhaps they'll overlap with yours. This is what his-story is--stories. The First… Continue reading Part 1: The First Ragland in America

Evan Ragland’s Family Tree

The first descendant in the United StatesEVAN RAGLAND'S FAMILY TREE Evan Ragland is from Wales and an early immigrant to the American Colonies. This tree shows his Welsh lineage. He immigrated during the Jamestown time period. More on his forefathers later. [1] Source: Research done on Ragland Family History on and private family history. My… Continue reading Evan Ragland’s Family Tree