Riding the Rails

I enjoy riding the train. Yes, it takes longer to get to my destination over flying and that's what I enjoy. There's no WiFi so I'm forced to unplug. I'm writing this post from the Amtrak lounge waiting for our next train, the Empire Builder that runs between Chicago and Seattle. We elect to stay… Continue reading Riding the Rails

Record heat brings record deaths

Page 2. The Rest of the Story In an homage to veteran radio newscaster Paul Harvey, here's my attempt to bring closure to this week's blog subject, the Seattle heatwave. Actually, this was a news and weather event for the entire Pacific Northwest with record-breaking, never before seen triple-digit hot temperatures. Here's what I learned… Continue reading Record heat brings record deaths

Hooray! The Heat Wave has Passed

Ah-h, that's the sound of relief For Seattleites, the change in the weather calls for a "stop the presses!" "Ring the AP Wire Service bells!" "This calls for a banner headline!" The pressure system has changed, and temperatures dropped nearly 30 degrees overnight in the greater Seattle area.  The highs today were back to Pacific… Continue reading Hooray! The Heat Wave has Passed

Baby, it’s HOT out there

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas..." I'm singing any song I can think of that is cold. Weather forecasters called for all-time hot temperatures, and they weren't kidding.  Here in Coupeville on Whidbey Island, where the average summer temps are in the 70s, today's temps reached… Continue reading Baby, it’s HOT out there

Heat Wave

Record-Breaking Heat As the weather was forecasted, Seattle is breaking all previous records for hot temperatures.  Here on Whidbey Island, with our house on waterfront property, the temperature is about ten degrees cooler than the rest of Seattle. That said, the temperature at our house got to 90 degrees today, and without AC, it definitely… Continue reading Heat Wave

Cool Dad

With record temperatures forecast for this weekend in Seattle. The question is how to stay cool.