Blogging on Vacay

The thing about cruises is the same thing I hit up against riding the rails--no way to post. I had hoped to write daily about my experiences on Viking's River Cruise on the Rhine River, but there's no cellular coverage to post when the boat moves. But rather than rail and wail, I'll say being… Continue reading Blogging on Vacay

The Empire Builder

WE'RE TRAVELING from Chicago to Seattle aboard Amtrak's famous Empire Builder. ATTENDANTS GREETED US as we approached the car we were assigned to. After checking our boarding passes, we stepped up onto the train. Watch out for those steps; they are steep even with the traditional step stool. Once on board, we were shown a… Continue reading The Empire Builder

The Living Son of a Slave

Daniel Smith, 88 years old and the living son of a slave I read this article in late July. Not only is this piece of journalism well written but the writer tells an amazing story that I thought was impossible. Daniel Smith is the living son of a slave. It boggles my mind that Daniel… Continue reading The Living Son of a Slave