Riding the Rails Post Script

As I wrote at the beginning of my train trip, posting would be difficult with a sparse internet connection, and photos became impossible. So, I'm adding pictures to this post. Why I Love Traveling by Train One of the main perks of long-distance train travel is the ability to get a good night’s sleep in… Continue reading Riding the Rails Post Script

The Empire Builder

WE'RE TRAVELING from Chicago to Seattle aboard Amtrak's famous Empire Builder. ATTENDANTS GREETED US as we approached the car we were assigned to. After checking our boarding passes, we stepped up onto the train. Watch out for those steps; they are steep even with the traditional step stool. Once on board, we were shown a… Continue reading The Empire Builder

Riding the Rails

I enjoy riding the train. Yes, it takes longer to get to my destination over flying and that's what I enjoy. There's no WiFi so I'm forced to unplug. I'm writing this post from the Amtrak lounge waiting for our next train, the Empire Builder that runs between Chicago and Seattle. We elect to stay… Continue reading Riding the Rails

Off on another train adventure

It’s been a year since we visited New Orleans via Amtrak. Riding on Amtrak was as much a part of the adventure as visiting the Big Easy. Today, we’re boarding The Empire Builder to Chicago. It follows a northern route across Montana, Idaho, the Dakotas until it turns south and terminates in Cicago There we… Continue reading Off on another train adventure

Celebrating During COVID

Happy Valentine's Anniversary, Sweetheart This week marked our forty-first wedding anniversary. I have often said that the key to a long and happy marriage was to "play long" like the stock market -- it proved true for me again. I opened my email Monday morning to find an urgent message from the pastor at the… Continue reading Celebrating During COVID

Dancing in NOLA

Jon Batiste's "Freedom." Batiste’s song is so-o NOLA. From the locales in the video to the jazz music born there to Batiste’s energetic dancing. The video evokes all the fun we had in New Orleans (especially Bananas Foster) and our train adventure. I hope Batiste’s song makes your feet tap, if not make you jump… Continue reading Dancing in NOLA