Did You Know?

Fleur de Lis The Fleur de Lis is essentially a stylized iris or lily that has been associated with royalty over time, mostly French monarchy, and dates back to the twelfth century. It is featured prominently with other rulers such as in the Crown Jewels of England and Scotland where it is part of the… Continue reading Did You Know?

Recipes from New Orleans

As promised in my last post, here are two of my favorite southern recipes handed down from my grandmother. Southern Pecan Pie Ingredients 3 eggs, beaten 1 cup dark corn syrup 1 cup sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 to 2 ½ cups pecans 1 9-inch unbaked pie shell Mix In a large bowl, mix together… Continue reading Recipes from New Orleans

Dining at the Second Oldest Restaurant in NOLA

Tujague's WE WERE FORTUNATE to get dinner reservations at Tujague’s on Sunday evening. Established in 1856, it is the second oldest restaurant in New Orleans. In case you are wondering, Antoine’s is the oldest by sixteen years—1840. Both restaurants are located in the French Quarter. In existence before New Orleans even bore its name, Tujague’s restaurant has… Continue reading Dining at the Second Oldest Restaurant in NOLA

Memories of New Orleans

June 1, 2020 Home again WELL, WE'RE HOME AGAIN on Whidbey Island. Suitcases unpacked. Laundry done. As well as the grocery shopping. Mail opened. Emails responded to. Yesterday I devoted my writing time to formatting this website. I've had "set up a website" on my to do list for a couple of years now, but… Continue reading Memories of New Orleans

Day 7

May 26, 2021 Train Derailment Reprise Yesterday was memorable, that’s as generous as I can be in describing it. To recap: when we were ready to board the Sunset Limited in New Orleans to Los Angeles, we were told there had been overnight a fifty car freight car derailment near Lordsburg, New Mexico. The derailment… Continue reading Day 7

Day 6

May 24, 2021 Train Derailment AFTER A FUN TWO DAYS in New Orleans, it was time to head for the train station to catch The Sunset Limited to Los Angeles. As we rode in the Lyft car, we passed lilacs so large they were giant trees, not the bushes I’m used to seeing. Also, my… Continue reading Day 6