Riding the Rails Post Script

As I wrote at the beginning of my train trip, posting would be difficult with a sparse internet connection, and photos became impossible. So, I'm adding pictures to this post. Why I Love Traveling by Train One of the main perks of long-distance train travel is the ability to get a good night’s sleep in… Continue reading Riding the Rails Post Script

Celebrating During COVID

Happy Valentine's Anniversary, Sweetheart This week marked our forty-first wedding anniversary. I have often said that the key to a long and happy marriage was to "play long" like the stock market -- it proved true for me again. I opened my email Monday morning to find an urgent message from the pastor at the… Continue reading Celebrating During COVID

Fonts Matter

Happy Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day 1981 Marriage Wisdom February 14, 2022--Today is our forty-first wedding anniversary. Time flies. What is our secret to a long marriage? We "play long" just like the stock market.