Heat Wave

Record-Breaking Heat As the weather was forecasted, Seattle is breaking all previous records for hot temperatures.  Here on Whidbey Island, with our house on waterfront property, the temperature is about ten degrees cooler than the rest of Seattle. That said, the temperature at our house got to 90 degrees today, and without AC, it definitely… Continue reading Heat Wave

Cool Dad

With record temperatures forecast for this weekend in Seattle. The question is how to stay cool.


Part two. Dad was a real prankster. He would send me into the hardware store with instructions to ask the store proprietor where the “striped paint” was. Another time it was for “skyhooks.” And at the grocery store, “scratch” because he said, “your Mom cooks everything from scratch.” At age five and six, I was… Continue reading Prankster

Father’s Day

Part One By Debora Buerk Father’s Day was last Sunday. My first since my Dad died in January (on his ninetieth birthday.) I didn’t expect my grief to well up, but the tears flowed. And I’ve been in a funk all week. He died in January before the COVID vaccination was available to my husband… Continue reading Father’s Day